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Have you ever thought of what you'd love to have in an IDE for high performance software? The goal of Inventor IDE is to make these things happen. It aims to enable users to reach the pinnacle of their awesome coding power. It's time to pwn some serious code.

Click here to download the latest release (Version 0.2.6, September 25th 2011, 1.54MB). In the near term, it will only be supporting x86 assembly language, but Beta releases will have C support. Check back for new major features coming in the future.

Alpha 5 introduces the long-awaited built-in assembling so that you can simply start up the IDE and hit the Run button. It also has a new UI and new sample application to make the assembly language video tutorial a breeze. Alpha 5a fixes more bugs than ever and adds support for developing operating system code. Alpha 5b adds support for developing 64-bit applications among many other improvements. Alpha 6 adds various find/replace features, and the preliminary performance analysis tool.

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File, Include, and Variable Headers
Structure and Constant Headers
Function Header
Error Detection
Context-Sensitive Auto-Complete
Performance Analysis
Find All References
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